Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To the brim.

  I find that when things are the quietest in this little corner of the interwebs, my offline life is the fullest. Isn't that how those things really should go?
   As I sat across a really good friend for breakfast yesterday morning, who happened to be in town for a quick visit from Denver, I just realized how full and good life is right now. She's so intentional about seeing me when she's in town, and I so appreciate that. We shared my absolute favorite cinnamon toast from one of my favorite brunch places and talked about babies and engagements and social work. And all of this was after getting a chance to sleep in a bit and cuddle with my husband this morning. Two things that just don't happen enough.
   So I drove away from that breakfast and that really good morning just feeling full. To the brim.
   That's what Spring is for me this year. A season of fullness and blessings and thanksgiving. Tangible reminders of God's goodness and how he does, he really does, make all things new. In his time. Last year at this time, I was full of sadness and dwindling hope as we still healed from our miscarriage and crept closer and closer to the range of 'infertility' after trying for months for another baby. That was a tough season, honestly. But this is a good and full season. I think I find myself savoring it even more because I still remember last year and it makes this season of fullness extra sweet. I'm really aware that this season won't last forever. The dryness and dwindling hope could come back in any minute. Seasons don't last forever, they're not supposed to. But aren't they such good reminders of how God carries us and blesses us and holds us- through the really long winters and the sunshine-y spring-times just the same?
  As we get ready for Easter, I hope you feel full to the brim. Even if life's circumstances don't make it easy on you, the promise that Easter holds should be enough to overwhelm you with thanksgiving. I love how our Pastor always puts it during his Palm Sunday sermon. Today's Friday {our God is crucified}, but Sunday is coming {he's already defeated our sins when he overcame death}!

Friday, April 11, 2014

28 weeks.

 Happy glucose testing day! I've had a few irrational fears about this pregnancy, one being that I will fail my glucose test and have gestational diabetes {read: not the end of the world}. So I may or may not be unnecessarily nervous about today's test. But here's to staying away from sugars or carbs this afternoon before I drink that delicious drink!
  The only real news this week is that I'm officially hanging up my running shoes for the rest of this pregnancy. I've really wanted to hold out as long as possible, but after a rough mile earlier this week, I realized I have to be done. I'm so middle-heavy and my stomach muscles just can't do it anymore! It's mostly sad because the weather is just starting to be perfect for afternoon runs with the dogs and that's just about my favorite part of Spring. The good news is that I can still walk plenty and I honestly don't think the dogs notice a difference {at least Jersey doesn't}. So there's that. And I may or may not be throwing a pity party about it over here.
   I also started stocking up on a few dresses for this summer. Not maternity dresses, but ones that will work. I actually bought my first maxi dresses! I'm still a bit concerned they just look like moo-moo's on me- pregnant or not- but they are just too comfortable to pass up anymore. And, in case you missed it, you can win yourself {or a knocked up friend!} some adorable maternity clothes here.
   Ok, at this point I'm just stretching for stuff to include in this week's update. In sort of big news, but not really, I made my first baby purchase this week! I have been dying to buy baby boy some cute clothes, but wanting to hold out until after our shower {because people tend to forgo the registry far too often to sleepers with monkeys on the bum} to see what we still need. While doing some baby shower shopping for my cousin this week, though, I couldn't hold out any longer. I went a little wild {note sarcasm} and picked up the cutest striped onesie for $5 at Target! Gah. I love it. It's newborn size and so tiny and adorable and I can't believe a human that size will come out of me sooner rather than later. It may or may not have opened the floodgates, though, since I catch myself almost buying this and oh! look at that! at least 5 times a day since then. 

End most boring bumpdate, ever. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink Blush Maternity. {a review & giveaway}


Full disclosure? I'm 7 months pregnant and have only bought 3 maternity things. I know. I promise, I'm not in denial that my belly is growing. It's just that I didn't want to stock up on a small winter wardrobe {for the longest winter ever} when I'll be at my most pregnant during the Spring/Summer months. So, I'm just now getting my booty in gear and stocking up on a few basics to tide me over until I get back to my pre-baby body. Enter PinkBlush Maternity. You guys, have you checked this place out? I'm finding that the most maternity clothing comes in dull clolors; black, gray, olive, navy. I need color! And that's one of my favorite things about PinkBlush- such colorful and trendy maternity clothes! The sent me this top, and I can't get enough of it. In fact, if you know me in real life then chances are you've seen me wear it once or ten times over the last month. I love it! It's so bright, fits my bump just right, and makes me feel more cute than frumpy. Every single time I wear it, I get compliments! And now that I'm finally stocking up on some clothes that fit this bump, I have my eye on no less than a dozen dresses from PinkBlush. Too many cute options to choose from!
   And, because I just love you and PinkBlush is of you can win $25 to snag yourself some cute Spring maternity goodies. Even if you're not knocked up, chances are you know someone who is. It's in the water right now, isn't it??

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Swap {2014}.

  Today's the day! I can't wait to check out everyone's blog & instagram posts recapping Spring Swap 2014! {If you post on IG, be sure the use #springswap2014 so we can find you! And if you're private, just know we won't be able to see your post!} 
   I was matched up with Abigail, who is the sweetest. We had actually been emailing back and forth before the swap...she's been answering all my questions about {maybe?} becoming a Noonday Ambassador. So when I found out I was paired with her, I was extra excited! The package I put together for her seems to be taking its slow time getting there, so she should receive it today. Be sure to check out her blog to see what I sent her way!
   When I saw my swap box in my mailbox, I kind of geeked out. I know I've said it a dozen times before on this blog, but I love mail. Even junk mail. A full mailbox is the way to my heart. So, seeing a stuffed-to-the-brim Spring Swap package made me so happy! Abigail really went above and beyond to make my package special- my favorite tea, a sweet notecard, seeds for my garden, lip gloss, a fun magazine, a photo album/Smash book for baby boy, and, of course, some Noonday goodness! Amazing, right?? I especially love the Smash Book goodies she sent. I've heard lots about it, but never really understood it until I looked through the journaling paper she sent. It's adorable and a really practical way to fill this little photo album for baby boy once he gets here! Seriously, so much Spring goodness. And even more, I'm thankful for the chance to get to know Abigail a bit more. That's my favorite part about this these...making new friends! Am I cheesy, or what??

Be sure to link up below {with your blog post} or use #springswap2014 {for IG}!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Operation Smile

  If you've been hanging around these parts for a while now, hopefully you've noticed that I try to be intentional with any sponsored-type post I do. I get emails every so often asking to review a product or host a giveaway {or be a part of one a mega group giveaway- blech}, but I've only accepted a handful of them. I really only want to talk about stuff that I would/do buy myself or I believe in. This is my space and I'm pretty protective about keeping it that way, even if that means forfeiting some free stuff.
  So when Angela from contacted, I was initially skeptical. I mean, I closed the whole college-chapter 3 years ago and am not in need of any textbooks at all. Then I learned that they're actually a pretty great company that intentionally gives back. For each textbook that is rented, CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile.
  When I think of the work Operation Smile does {providing international treatment and care for kiddos born with clefts}, I immediately think of Ashley's post about raising a daughter with a cleft lip. Every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft. And if you've read Ashley's story- you know that each of those sweet babies has a rough road ahead of them. Operation Smile supports the beliefs that every child deserves access to safe, quality surgical care and every child deserves a future filled with hope. I completely agree. 
  All that to say, if you're a college kid {or know one!} who has to buy textbooks- why not buy/rent from a company that is committed to making a difference? Campus Book Rentals is that company. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

27 weeks.


  And just like that, we're at the end of the second trimester. After going through it, I have to completely agree with all the rumors about how wonderful this part of pregnancy is. I was so, so nauseous for my entire first trimester. Like, barely making it through the days nauseous. But these last few months have fully redeemed that and I don't even remember how miserable I really was! I am feeling really great and a little baffled that in ten weeks I'll be full-term. Cross your fingers with me that the third trimester treats me as well as the second has??
  We've also been crossing things off our to-do list like crazy. We're done registering, baby boy's quilt is made, we have his furniture set up, shower invites have been sent out {by my fabulous sisters!} and we're on the verge of picking a pediatrician {that is weird to even type out...}. We're also this close to finishing up baby boy's nursery. We have plans for a fun painting project this weekend and I have some prints to hang above the crib. Other than that, we're pretty much done {you know, minus all the actual baby essentials like diapers and clothes and a changing pad}. We're on the hunt for some sort of rocking chair/glider, but we may forego that all together since splurging on one seems a bit frivolous right now and I don't have the patience to scour Craigslist and yard sales.
   I think I've mentioned it before, but I have a handful of really close friends that are also expecting their first little ones in the next few months. And it is so much fun to go through pregnancy and baby planning with them! Between three college friends, my bff since kindergarten, two sweet friends in my cooking club {two of us basically have the same due date!}, and a favorite blog friend- babies are everywhere! I'm {selfishly} having tons of fun putting together gifts and packages for them all and having close girlfriends to chat about pregnancy with. But on that note, I've also been thinking a lot about our first pregnancy lately. Lots of mixed emotions and reflections and heartache for friends who have and are experiencing the sting of miscarriage right now. Maybe a post on pregnancy after miscarriage someday?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up & Doing. {April}

   Time is absolutely flying. How in the world is it already April?! I mean, I'm not complaining. Who doesn't love Spring and warmer weather and plans for what's shaping up to be a really good next few months!? Before we get to this month's goals, let's recap March:

//garden planning// Admittedly, I was pretty late on getting this one done. As in, it happened the last day of the month. But, I did get my seedlings started inside! I made some tweaks to my garden planning to make it more doable when I'm super large and in charge this summer, but still started some flowers by seed. I can't wait for them to bloom in a couple of months! 

//baby projects// I had so much fun with this one. I made lots of burp cloths for friends and made baby boy's quilt! I still have a few little projects to do, but I got the biggest one {quilt} out of the way and I love it!

//Lent// Ok, I failed at this one. 100% failed. I had such great intentions, but I really didn't make good on my goal to spend time praying for a different person each day. I feel pretty terrible about it, but what's important is that I get my booty in gear this month.

//Lent// Obviously, this one is on the list again this month!

//exercise// With sunshine and warmer weather and an ever-expanding waistline, I don't have much excuse to not get outside or to the gym at least 4 times a week this month. And it's such a stress reliever for me!

//baby's room// I can't wait to share the plans we have for baby boy's room with you! This month I want to get a painting project done {read: cheer husband on while he does it} and make or order a custom mat for a print that doesn't quite fit into the frame I bought. 

What goals have you set for this month? 
How are you embracing the warmer weather that's {hopefully!} here to stay?